The following is a list of all confirmed cards for Card Hunter. The list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it.

Arcing ZapEdit

Magic, Eletrical / Sparkling Necklace

Choose up to 3 different targets for this spell. Each target must be within 3 squares of another


Bad MedicineEdit

Magic, Holy / Misanthrope's Pearl

Heal 2. Posion 2. (At the start of each round take 2 Poison damage. This damage ignores armor),

Duration 2. Self Target.


Meelee, Crushing / Splintering Cudgel

Add 2 damage to any other Bash you play.

"One bash good, two bash better." - Ugh the Orc

Crushing GauntletsEdit

Solid Gautlets

Armor 2. Whenever you play a Melee attack, add 3 damage to that attack. Return this card to hand.

Dazing BoltEdit

Magic, Arcane / Orb of Confusion

Immediately discard the two oldest revealed cards in target's hand.

"Look into my eyes - Zap!"

Devestating BashEdit

Meelee, Crushing / Aureate Mace

This attack does two additional damage for every revealed card in target's hard.

"A clever plan can always be countered with a heavy object"

Dropped GuardEdit

Unwieldly Harpoon

Discard all your Block and Armor cards.

"The first rule of duelling is to never drop your guard. The second rule of dueling is -hey, what's that?!?"

Escaping RunEdit

Lurker's Boots

If an enemy is standing next to you when you start this move, draw a card.

"The better part of valour is discretion; in the which better part I have saved my life"


Magic, Holy / 6th Circle Charm

Heal 34. Can target self.

"Does healing a zombie count as my good deed for the day?" - Feckle the Scabrous

Inspirational ThinkingEdit

Superb Tactics

Draw three cards. Choose two to keep and discard the other.

"Everyone needs a little inspiration to go with all that perspiration."

Mind WormEdit

Magic, Unholy / Black Orb

Attach to target. Reveal target's hand. Whenever they would discard a card, you choose that card. Duration 3.

"Reading a Goblin's mind requires a limited vocablyary, at best - Padrig the Impious

Mud PitEdit

Magic, Arcane / Earth Totem

Target square and all adjacent squares become Mud Terrain (Stop. Target may not block while in Mud). Duration 3.

"Mud, mud, glorious mud. Nothing quite like it for getting you killed."

Shrug it OffEdit

Novice Toughness

Discard all cards attached to you.

"I've shrugged off a hangover from an entire keg of Misty Mountain Ale. Do you think I can't shrug this off too?" - Dzedd Grimsong

Simple ThrustEdit

Melee Piercing / Rusted Dagger

Step 1.

"I was warned to keep Yosik Songsword at arm's length. Might have worked if we'd been talking about a giant's arms."


Trained Battledancing

At the start of each round Move 3, Free Move. Duration 3.

"The art of combat is being where your opponent's sword isn't" - Bethan

Stunning BashEdit

Melee, Crushing / Ogre

Stun, Duration 1

"They say you never forget the first time an Orc hits you on the head...They're wrong"

Teleport OtherEdit

Magic, Arcane / Puppeteer's Band

Move target 3 Teleport (ignore all terrain costs and stops). You may move target through blocking terrain or squares occupied by other characters provided that they don't stop in that square. You must be able to see the destination square.